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Boiling Water

The photos below show water being boiled. Notice how light particles begin appearing the hotter the water becomes. The water then turns into light & steam and eventually evaporates. Up into the sky the water travels, to eventually return. Water & Light hold the highest vibrations upon the earth. You can not destroy either one of them. When they come together they vibrate even higher


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Interpretation of Communication

Here is a photograph of spring water coming out of a manmade faucet. There are two values. Notice that the one the right has what appears to be light surrounding it. But the one on the left does not. The reason why the light is surrounding the faucet on the right and not the one on the left is because I was aiming my camera towards the one on the right. The light appeared in it’s reaction from that of my energy while I acknowledged it by taking its picture. Water is liquid consciousness that records everything, every thought every emotion every action that has ever been since humans and all life forms began.


Where does water come from? First we have to look at, what is water, made of. H2O. H20 is a molecule that has two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen.

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What is Hydrogen?
Hydrogen is the lightest and most abundant element in the universe. Hydrogen is able to react chemically with most other elements. Stars in their main sequence are overwhelmingly composed of hydrogen in its plasma state.

What is Oxygen?
Oxygen is the energy or the fuel to maintain, grow and repair every cell in our bodies.

How do we get more oxygen in our bodies?
Reduce stress – Eat healthier food – Exercise, walk, move your body. Don’t smoke We cannot live in our bodies without oxygen.

There is more info from: www.oxygenforhealth.com

Also: Origin of Water on Earth from Wikipedia


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Healing Emotions and Pain


Almost everything that we see comes from a reference within our memory. If we have no reference of ever seeing something before, chances are we will not see it, unless it is stored in our DNA, or we have worked past our emotional dense matter and vibrate at a higher frequency.

In the third dimensional realm our emotions hold everything together. At the same time our minds view everything as being separate, based upon collective conceptual agreement within the society in which we live. Emotions are viewed as good, bad, pretty, ugly, loving, non-loving, evil, dangerous, safe, etc. All of these emotions together with a mind-made story attached to them create and sustain the third dimensional realm. As you look at any object, watch your mind. There is a good possibility that your mind will create a story around the object. For example, I am looking at a feather on my desk. I observe my mind searching for the type of bird it might have come from and why it may have lost its feather.

Before the veil of mind and matter which creates conceptual form lies the doorway to other realities. Traveling through portals and shape shifting our reality is done through the solar plexus. This is because the solar plexus stores most of our emotions. When we can release and move through the emotional heaviness of dense matter energy, we are freed up from the third dimensional realm.

Healing Emotions and Pain


Each emotion vibrates and has its own unique energy level. For example, a happy person feels charged up, whereas a depressed person feels weighed down. Pain is the great reminder that we have a body, but it also can move people into other realities escaping the dialogue of conceptual mind. You will find that many spiritual practitioners have had very difficult childhoods and felt much pain at an early age. For this reason they escaped from the mind and went to the ethereal realms for comfort from the pain which they were experiencing Here in this different dimension they were opened to their natural gifts which have helped them through their lives.

For this reason many Native Americans perform ceremonies that induce much pain onto the person in ceremony. This pain is created for them to leave the body and enter into other realms in order to have visions and receive direction.

In the third dimensional realm there appears for the most part to not be enough pain to take us out of our bodies, but there does seem to be enough pain to sustain an illusionary world.

Everything in the entire universe has a numeric value that places it in its unique location in relationship with everything else in the entirety of all there is. Everything also has its unique numeric value for the intensity of its frequency vibration.

A radio station has its unique frequency different from all the other stations. Although you will not hear the other stations at the same time, you will only hear the one that you are tuned to. This is the same way realities are structured. The third dimensional reality has its own unique vibrational frequency different from all the other realms in the cosmos. In order to be in the third dimensional reality a human must vibrate in alignment with the same frequency vibration. This is where pain comes in.

Pain contains an energy that vibrates at a frequency pulsation enough to slow the spirit down so that it can manifest a structure of a self identification in form. It seems crazy, but pain has truly held the third dimensional realm in place for a very long time. This is why most humans are in some form of pain -- either physical pain or pain created by the ego mind in the form of drama.

All the wars and all the hell that we as humans have been through in history have been perfectly created in order to sustain the third dimensional reality. If you don’t believe this, just take a look around you. Who do you know who is not in some form of pain in one way or another? Are you in pain? Are you in some form of fear in your life? What drama are you experiencing? Why?

Thoughts are matter that contains a vibration which creates form. Do you not find it strange that most of our world here in the third dimensional realm is driven by fear? Fear seems to separate things from themselves, whereas a vibration of love bonds things together.

Why is it that the news has more fear than not, news about who did what to whom and how many have been killed by war or by tragedy? Is this to keep fear alive while sustaining the pain body and allowing the third dimensional reality to stay intact?

Nature on the other hand does not have to create pain in order to sustain itself here on this planet. It already knows how to be one with all that is around it. Mankind, separated long ago from the natural surroundings of nature, has become lost in mind, separated from spirit and has created endless amounts of pain for humanity.

When one changes their frequency and rises above pain, they become enlightened and more open to other realities. Nature is the great teacher for remembering our spirit within. When we learn to imitate water, we learn how to flow around things that create pain and learn how to not become stuck in the drama.

When we let go of emotions by not making up stories that surround anything that we are looking at, we can then begin to move through our solar plexus, which is the charka where most of our emotions are stored. When this happens all the particles of matter begin to fall apart. We can then become free to travel anywhere and bring forth the endless possibilities in time and space. It is really about detaching from dense emotional matter which holds everything together and freezes the third dimensional realm in place.

Once we truly learn how to detach from dense matter, we open up to much more and become free to access the I Am Presence. We can then do all sorts of miraculous and wonderful things such as Astral Projecting, Remote Viewing, and Telepathically Communicating to animals, plants and anyone anywhere ~~ entering into other realities beyond our imaginable dreams.

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Healing and Manifesting through Water

When working with water, intent is always the key. Being clear with your intent and knowing how to align with its energy field will bring you anything in the form of emotions, thoughts, ideas, visions and the most wonderful love, if this is truly your intent.

Exercise: When standing beside running water, place both of your hands together, and rub them back and forth for about thirty seconds. As you are doing this, think only good thoughts. Once you have done this for about thirty seconds, separate your hands about four inches. At this point you will feel the energy of heat moving between your hands. This is your Chi or life energy, the life force of who you truly are. This is the energy for healing. When you receive this energy flowing through your hands, say “Thank you” to the energy.

Continue doing this for a while, playing with the energy that is coming through your hands. Become one with it. Try making a ball with the energy while at the same time continuing to think good thoughts. After doing this for a couple of minutes, turn and aim both of your hands toward the water. Now send the water the energy that you are receiving through your hands. Say “Thank you” to the water for being there and helping you to sustain life here on Earth.

If you are doing this correctly and with a clear intent, you will begin to feel the water sending back to you its healing energy. If you are open to receiving the water’s energy, you will begin to know that you are much more than your physical body and mind.

Water is truly a liquid consciousness in its purest form. It is a liquid brain and at the same time beyond the brain, with ideas and doorways available to each and every one of us, simply awaiting our return to an awareness that we have long forgotten. Water introduces to us realities and universes beyond our mind’s wildest imagination. Water is the great healer, for it teaches us how to flow with the obstacles of life.

Water is brought forth through tears when we experience magnificent beauty. During a sense of loss, tears are brought forth in order to heal us. With the sound of beautiful notes played within the world of music, water comes forth teaching us how to surrender.

Water teaches us forgiveness, for when we watch it we learn how to move around obstacles and to let go of conditions that appear to be in our way. Water does not remain stuck. If it would, it would become unhealthy, change color and become sick. If water became stuck there would be no clouds, no rain, no creeks, no oceans and no rivers. It knows how to survive, for it is life in the purest form.

The same thing pertains to the physical human body. In many cases people end up getting sick due to bacteria forming in the colon. This happens when the digestive system fails to properly move the flow of energy through the body. The energy becomes stagnant, and the body becomes sick. To maintain a healthy body we must learn how to move the energy through our body. The same is true for negative thoughts and feelings. We must learn how to properly dispose of them. There is a saying by a Buddhist Monk, “No Mind No Problem”.

The next time you go to the water, say “Hello” to the area when you arrive. Say “Hi” to the Birds, acknowledge the wind, say “Hi” to the trees and to whatever you pass on the trail to the water. Once you arrive at the water, start by saying “Thank you” to the water for being there. Remember your body is predominantly water. This being so, there truly has to be a relationship between you and the water. It is family!

Then, find a comfortable place to sit with your back facing upstream and place your awareness down-stream. This is the position for letting go. When you place your back in this position, it forces things to move through you and out of you. Close your eyes, and begin to let go of whatever may be bothering you in the present moment. Are you still holding onto a relationship that fell apart? Is there someone or something you have lost and are having a difficult time letting go of? This is the place to do it. Listen to the water as it moves behind you.

Let your attachment to whatever it is flow out of you, and allow the sound of the water to take it away and heal it for you. Send your prayers, repeat the words Love and Gratitude five times, and then say “Thank you.” The timing of this process is truly up to You. Do it until it feels right. I usually take about 20 minutes to do this. Remember, whatever it is that you are letting go of, it came to you for a reason. Although you may not yet know why, this is not important. All that is important is that you let it go with Love and Gratitude.

Once you have completed letting go, turn your body around and face your attention upstream as the water comes toward you. This is the position for bringing newness into your life. Once again, say “Thank you” to the water and know as the water runs toward you, it brings a blessing upon you. Ask for whatever it is that you would have come into your life. Now close your eyes, and listen to the water.

The process of manifestation must be done with gratitude for it to be any worth. Intentions that are set upon the foundation of gratitude are the ones that rest upon love. Remain with your eyes closed for about 20 minutes and listen to the sounds of the water. Feel its energy as it moves through you. Once you are clear on what it is that you wish to manifest, say “Thank you,” and let it go. At this point you have set your intention, and now simply watch the universe as it brings forth that which you have set into motion.

Now comes the most difficult stage of all, the stage where you must give yourself permission to receive that which you have asked for. You must see yourself as worthy to receive what you ask. Once you can truly do this, simply get out of the way of your mind, and bring yourself to being present in the now of your day. Let the water purify you, and allow the manifestation which you set into motion to become part of your reality.

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Working with Energy & Toning











Throughout the world every place has a unique sound unto itself, vibrating at a certain pitch while making a frequency. If you go outside your home you may hear the sounds of cars passing by, or if you’re lucky the sound of crickets in a meadow. It all depends on where you live. Each place has sounds that make up its frequency. Big cities have lots of different kinds of sounds, which eventually create their own unique frequency and in many cases a very scattered energy that can make an empathic person very uneasy. Look at the drivers in very populated cities. Many of them are driving way past the speed limit. I wonder what they’re running from or to. Could it be the intense energy that they are experiencing and simply reacting to?

Nature on the other hand vibrates at a much different frequency than big cities, and one usually moves at a lot slower pace while in nature. The same goes for the energy of humans who have stressed minds opposed to those who are calm and in peace. A person who is depressed may appear to be very dense and heavy, whereas a person who is not pre-occupied in thought may appear lighter. Thoughts have energy, and whether they are of love or fear, all of them have unique energy unto themselves.

When you begin to work with energy, listen and learn how to feel the energy of where you are. For example, right now at this very moment, what can you hear? Take a few moments, close your eyes and listen to the sounds that surround you. I am sitting in my office right now. I hear my copy machine, the low sound of the heating blowing from underneath the building, and birds outside my window. What do you hear? Take a few moments to get in touch with how the sounds around you make you feel. Do they irritate you? Do they make you feel good? Did you even notice them before you took a moment to get in touch with them?

Now turn your awareness around toward your breathing. Are you taking short breaths? Take a few deep breaths, and each time make them bigger and hold them within you a bit longer. The sounds and the feelings that we experience from hearing them create a
certain tone. This sound is called its vibration. If you are not clear about this, here’s an exercise that will help you experience this for yourself.

Close your eyes for a moment, and listen to the sounds around you. Now try making the sound. Try humming it, sing the note, and make a sound that comes close to what you’re hearing.

What does it feel like? Can you feel the vibration of the sound you’re hearing? When you do this, you become one with the energy field that is in your space. When you begin to vibrate at the same sound vibration that is in your space, your vibration will also pulsate at the same rhythm. When this happens, your resistance is removed and you become one with accepting what is. Only then can you truly be at peace within yourself and begin to clear and move your energy. You also begin to change the energy vibration in the entire space where you are which affects everything around you.

Can you remember a day when you were in such a good mood that everywhere you went people were attracted to you? This is because you were vibrating at a high frequency. If you are sad or depressed, your frequency may be low. Chances are that people usually will try to stay away from you, because you are resisting the is-ness of your experience.

If you feel that you are in resistance to what you are experiencing in your energy field, you can let go of the resistance by just accepting what you’re feeling, and honoring the feeling as nothing more than an attachment to resistance. Allow these feelings to be, without suppressing them. Remove judgment from your mind. Try not to see these feelings as bad or good. I have come to realize that there are lessons in everything that comes our way if we are not busy pushing away the lessons because they don’t feel good.

I recently had two experiences that have helped me. One of them had to do with a mouse that was in my attic. It would show up at exactly 3:00am right above my bed, and it would begin to scratch at the floor. Let me tell you it drove me nuts. I did many things to rid the little critter none of which worked. One morning at 3:00am there he was again, scratching away while irritating me. This time I heard a voice inside my head, and it said, “Resist not.” I finally got it. I welcomed the little critter’s presence and allowed it to be there without the resistance. All of a sudden it stopped at the very exact moment, and I have never heard it since. “The resistance sustains the consistency.”

By observing water and learning how to be like water when resistance appears, we can move around obstacles as water flows around rocks in its path. By allowing water to be in our awareness at all times, we move through life with much more ease. When we let
go of resistance we are able to truly move through the walls of our mind and experience altered realities and places beyond our mind’s previous imagination. Once we reach this level of being awake, we can open portals and begin to experience vast realities.

Tuning in with nature appears to be the most immediate altered reality available to us.

For the most part, nature vibrates at a very different energy speed than the minds of most humans. Nature has been a great teacher for me. I have observed closely the ants and have come to understand what team work truly is. In watching the birds I have seen how they have shown humanity dreams that have become the reality of flight. I have watched the water and have learned to better understand how to stay in the flow of life.

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Portals in Water

Light and water contain the highest natural vibrational frequency upon the earth. When light and water come together, both intensify each other into an even higher frequency, creating both an opportunity and a key for raising vibration within our own body and in our awareness.

When looking into the water, look for light particles which are shown in the images Below they are the sun reflecting off the water. When we focus upon these light particles, they will help us to enhance the power of vibration in manifestation and will bring us to where the portals in water await


Looking into the water at one of the light particles, close one of your eyes completely and squint the other eye, allowing just a tiny bit of light in. This will remove most visual input from the surrounding area and allow you to focus your attention on the light particles in the water.

Remain with yours eyes in this position, and begin to listen to the water. At first you will notice the light particles flashing into your body. This is a charge of light that you can direct within your body where you need to heal.

Then begin as you begin toning you will begin to notice it’s a lot like tuning two guitar stings, at first the sound is vibrating creating a wobbling effect being that there are two different frequencies happening at the same time. You and the other being the light and water as one. As you continue to tone/tune you will eventually reach a place in the sound where you will feel as if you become one with it, then a shift in your consciousness will happen then bingo off you go. Very Important fact set your intention of where you want tp go and ask your guides to assist and protect you.

This is where most of my photographs come from. Once I enter into the other realm and there are many realms, I am then free to walk about using my camera and communicate in other realms.

Gazing into the water portal taking a photograph.



The sun is also a very strong portal.


Singing into Water

While singing to the water I took this photograph. Notice the geometrical patterns.

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